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2014 Agenda

The following is the 2014 agenda for the summit that has already passed.

7:30 am to
8:30 am

Check-in & Networking Breakfast

8:30 am to
8:50 am

Cleantech 2.0: The Increasing Relevance for Large Corporations

Opening Presentation

Wal Van Lierop, Summit Chairman, President & CEO – Chrysalix

8:50 am to
9:30 am

Corporate Sustainable Innovation Strategies

The Key Factors to Success

Cory Steffek, Managing Director of North American Venture Capital – Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures
Joe Vaillancourt, Vice President, Corporate Venturing – Waste Management
Francois Badoual, CEO – Total Energy Ventures
Juan Benitez, Senior Specialist, Cenovus Environmental Opportunity Fund – Cenovus Energy

Moderated By:
Wal Van Lierop, Summit Chairman, President & CEO – Chrysalix

9:30 am to
10:10 am

Who’s Funding Cleantech???

With the shrinking popularity of cleantech amongst VCs, who’s committed to fill the $2-3 Trillion Dollar Investable Market?

Andrew Chung, Partner – Khosla Ventures
Brook Porter, Partner – KPCB
Raj Atlaru, Managing Director – SilverLake Kraftwerk
Gerd Goette, Investment Partner – Siemens Venture Capital
Mark Nydam, Principal – HarbourVest

Moderated By:
Skip Grow, Managing Director – Morgan Stanley

10:10 am to
10:30 am

Networking Break

10:30 am to
11:00 am

The GE Approach to Open Source Innovation

Colleen Calhoun

Colleen Calhoun, Senior Executive Director – GE Ventures

In her current role Colleen leads a team focused on investing in and scaling start-up energy businesses inside and outside of GE. Calhoun works closely with GE’s Global Research Center, Power & Water, Oil & Gas, Energy Management and Transportation businesses.

11:00 am to
11:40 am

Pivoting to a New Paradigm

How Will Utilities Get Ahead of the Curve

David Mohler, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer – Duke Energy
Tom Brill, Director of Strategic Projects – SDG&E
Terry O’Day, Vice President – NRG EV Services

Moderated By:
Andrew Shapiro, Founder – Broadscale Group

11:40 am to
12:30 pm

Increasing Trends in Sustainable Development of Oil & Gas

Panel Discussion

Jean-Michel Gires, Venture Partner – Chrysalix EVC
Steven Hall, Regional VP – Schlumberger
Susan SnyderPartner – Vinson & Elkins
Steve Hester, President & CEO – 212 Resources

Moderated By:
David Lincoln, Managing Partner – Element Partners

12:30 pm to
2:00 pm

Networking Luncheon & Keynote

T2M - Bringing New Energy Technologies to Market

Keynote Presentation:

Cheryl Martin Agenda





Dr. Cheryl Martin
Acting Director
Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E)

Acting Director, Dr. Cheryl Martin will talk about her leadership of ARPA-E initiatives to develop and advance breakthrough technologies to generate, store, and use energy in a way that radically improves U.S. economic prosperity, national security, and environmental well-being. Prior to joining ARPA-E, Dr. Martin was an Executive in Residence with Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers.

2:00 pm to
2:40 pm

Interactive Cleantech Breakout Sessions

Pick one for each time slot

This is your opportunity to take a deeper dive into 4 different vertical markets. The facilitators will take the first 10 minutes to provide: a) an overview of the market, b) highlight hot areas of innovation and investment, then c) notable start-ups and stage of development. The next 30 minutes will be interactive dialogue with the group.

Track A1) Quantified Agriculture and Feeding 9 Billion
Technologies that achieved food security in the 20th century will prove inadequate in the 21st as populations rise and agricultural yields plateau. This session will focus on technologies and strategies that will be winners in the age of quantified agriculture. So-called QAg is an approach to cultivation that borrows from the manufacturing, electronics, and biotech sectors to maximize the efficiency of agricultural processes by elevating yields and eliminating waste.
Sara Olson PhD, Research Analyst – Lux Research

Track B1) Water Tech
Water is now more than ever inextricably linked to the future of how we provide energy for the planet and feed the people on it. This session will outline the water technology innovation landscape (hot spots of water technology innovation, major investment themes) and will draw from four thematic areas that we believe represent the greatest opportunities for both technology innovation and market growth in the next 5-10 years. These are Water Re-use and Alternative Water, Energy and Resource Recovery, Unconventional Fossil Fuels and Water, and Smart Water. Attendees will be encouraged to actively participate in the discussion and the opportunity will be provided for introductions and speed networking.
Jeff Guild, Vice President, Business Development & Professional Services – BlueTech Research

Track C1) Transportation: The Impact of Smart Traffic on Society
Autonomous vehicles can evolve to impact society in profound ways by challenging assumptions we have lived by for generations. This session will interactively explore the new opportunities as well as the challenges of autonomous vehicles, from how they will impact individuals’ lives during early adoption to how they will remake the urban cityscape in the long term. We will explore the technology’s impact on the concepts of vehicle ownership, parking, travel planning, and other parts of our lives shaped today around humans at the wheel, as well as practical challenges to realizing the long term opportunities.
Peter Shannon, Managing Director – Firelake Capital Management

Track D1) Reinventing the Built Environment
95% of our lives are spent in them, 90% of all commerce flows through them, 53% of our carbon footprint is created by them, 36% of all energy is consumed by them, and 15% of our GDP constructs them. Buildings play a huge role in our lives, but building innovation has been slow. The convergence of mobile ubiquity, data analytics, advanced materials, and new financing and deployment models is opening new opportunities for rapid innovation. The first part of the session will explore the challenges and dynamics that are driving innovation in buildings. The second part of the session will look at the opportunities and potential solutions that are being spawned. Attendees will be encouraged to actively participate in the discussion.
Will Coleman, Managing Director – OnRamp Capital

2:40 pm to
3:00 pm

Networking Break

3:00 pm to
3:40 pm

Interactive Cleantech Breakout Sessions

Repeat Workshops

Track A2) Quantified Agriculture and Feeding 9 Billion
Sara Olson PhD, Research Analyst – Lux Research

Track B2) Water Tech
Jeff Guild, Vice President, Business Development & Professional Services – BlueTech Research

Track C2) Transportation: The Impact of Smart Traffic on Society
Peter Shannon, Managing Director – Firelake Capital Management

Track D2) Reinventing the Built Environment
Will Coleman, Managing Director – OnRamp Capital

3:40 pm to
4:20 pm

Emerging / Evolving Energy Storage Technologies

Implementing AB 2514, the California Public Utilities Commission has required the state’s investor owned utilities to collectively procure 1.3 gigawatts of energy storage between 2014 and 2020. How will they leverage technology to meet this milestone and what does it mean for innovative storage companies?

Carla Peterman, California Public Utilities Commissioner
John Carrington, CEO – Stem
William Torre, Program Director of Energy Storage Systems – UCSD Center for Energy Research
David Kirkpatrick, Director – Marathon Capital

Moderated By:
Steve Foster, Managing Director – ClearSky Power & Technology Fund

4:20 pm to
5:00 pm

Cleanweb: The Next Frontier for Cleantech

Paul Straub, Director – Claremont Creek Ventures
Allan Schurr, Vice President of Energy & Utilities – IBM
Abe Yokell, Partner – RockPort Capital Partners
Aharon Weiner, Senior Director of Solutions, Marketing & Customer Engagement – Opower
Carrie Norton, Founder & CEO – Green Business BASE CAMP

Moderated By:
Katie Fehrenbacher, Senior Writer & Features Editor – GigaOM

5:00 pm to
6:00 pm

Cocktails & Networking